All the Hearts
All The Hearts 2010

All the Hearts for All the Kids couples joyful creativity with caring community involvement to help keep arts education programs alive for every single child in the Fullerton School District! Each unique giant heart has been created to benefit the kids.

The Hearts were on display throughout Downtown Fullerton during September and October prior to their online EBay auction and the"Pins, Pots and Possibilities" art auction at the Fullerton Downtown Plaza on October 30, 2010.


Media and News Articles

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Hearts Heart Hearts Heart
1 Jose Lozano
Love Dummies/Elation
2 Kelly Chidester

3 Kay K Robinson
Cora Flores – a blooming heart

4 Kaleeka Bond
The Essence of a Dream
Heart Hearts Hearts Coming Soon
5 Jesse Gaona
It’s Broken, It is, Fix It, You Should
6 Paul Nelson
Won Ton Luv
7 Katherine England
Art Attack
8 Steven Metzger
The Garden
Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts
9 Kevin Holden
Academy of Performing Arts
at St Paul
10 Denise Elliot Marshall
California Dreamin
11 Jonathan St. Amant
All Kinds of Friends

12 Carolin Peters
California Splendor

Hearts Brian Torres Hearts


13 Laurel Sternberg
Children's Dreams

14 Brian Torres
Heart of Fire
15 Rebecca Faubion
Mayim, Shemayim
16 Bobbi Boyd - The Orange Groves of California
Lagerberg Hearts Heart
17 Don Lagerberg
True Love and Jazz
18 Marsha Judd
Love is the Key
19 The Artbreakers
10 of heARTS


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