One Day Only! The 2014 Hearts are at the Fullerton Market on Thursday, September 4th!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 4th and come downtown to the Fullerton Market to see all the 2014 Hearts together!  You can meet some of the artists, take photos, get a Heart Map, learn more about the Heart Walks and find out how you can get involved with the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation!
At 5:00 pm Fred Ouweleen from PacMin (the maker of the heart forms) will present the All the Arts Foundation with a generous check.

We are so thankful for their generosity!

Melissa Cole
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Connie Leff


Sarah Bain Gallery Exhibition

Students' Mural at St. Jude Hospital

Katherine England, right, a local artist who teachers art programs in the Fullerton School Districts, oversees the placing of a mosaic mural at St. Jude Hospital. The mural was created by her students.

Read the article in the Orange County Register.

Mural by Fullerton School Students
Mural St. Jude Hospital


A Joyful Student Mural at St. Jude's


Read the article by Caitlin Orr in the March 14 issue of the Fullerton Observer.


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